Valentina Đorđević

Head of Data and Innovation, Things Solver

Valentina Djordjevic is a passionate data&AI enthusiast. She is a Head of Data and Innovation at Things Solver. Valentina finds motivation in challenging projects and in working with equally enthusiastic team members. They are tackling various problems coming from different business domains – from retail/eCommerce, telecommunications to banking and finance, dealing with recommender systems, segmentation, churn prediction, lead generation and scoring, forecasting, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, etc. She believes that working on data&AI challenges helps her to continually grow, examine (her) boundaries, and develop her imagination.

Delivering sushi is only a start of ultra fast delivery evolution

Everyone has to eat every day and online food delivery services are riding the wave that just got much bigger with the help of Covid19. Amazing growth in the last 2 years unlocked further business model evolution that is addressing a waaay bigger audience than the initial market of prepared food delivery.

Borut will explain how he experienced food delivery evolution and why he believes the whole segment gained a unique advantage in last mile delivery operations, that will disrupt e-commerce as we know today.