Digital Commerce Summit is unique gathering in the region

The key challenge of digital commerce in the past 20 years was setting up new customer focused approaches, implement data driven management, and harness technological advancements. Global pandemic forced organizations to understand digital business models, platform management, advanced technologies, social and digital commerce.

With Digital Commerce Summit we are following the legacy of e-commerce events held in the region with clear objective to gather the whole commerce ecosystem and share best practices with an opportunity to accelerate local, regional and global challenges. We will cover important topics from e-commerce, m-commerce, s-commerce and q-commerce with focus on all supporting services and technology.

The event connects up to 300 digital, retail, and e-commerce professionals, including partners in the digital ecosystem, from logistic to payment, from packaging to performance, from social media influencers to AI and intelligence solution providers.

It will be worthwhile! We guarantee it.

Inspiring content

A balanced and enticing speaker line-up will leave you inspired and empowered.

Top-notch knowledge

Upskill with expertise and best practices of speakers with firsthand experience and bring valuable skills back to your office.


Priceless networking

Join us, meet and connect with peers in your industry, grow your contact network and continue your conversations long after the event ends.

Program manager

Darko Dujič M.Sc.

Director of WeTeh

Organizing team

Digital Commerce Summit - Peter Ribarič, CEO, Planet GV

Peter Ribarič

CEO, Planet GV

Digital Commerce Summit - Polona Koštomaj, Director of Business Operations, Planet GV

Polona Koštomaj

Director of Business Operations, Planet GV

Klara Rogina

Event manager, Planet GV