Jure Knehtl

Founder & CEO of WeScale

Jure is an expert in scaling e-commerce businesses in the EU. He had scaled 10 businesses from 4- to 8 digits by investing more than 42,500,000 € on Meta and TikTok ads. He holds a record 27,000 products sold a day by winning the hearts and minds of customers with localization in Europe, influencer marketing and UGC. Having started his first successful business at age 21, Jure understands and values all aspects of running a fast-growing e-commerce business and provides partnerships to selected founders in his Wescale DTC performance agency. .

Delivering sushi is only a start of ultra fast delivery evolution

Everyone has to eat every day and online food delivery services are riding the wave that just got much bigger with the help of Covid19. Amazing growth in the last 2 years unlocked further business model evolution that is addressing a waaay bigger audience than the initial market of prepared food delivery.

Borut will explain how he experienced food delivery evolution and why he believes the whole segment gained a unique advantage in last mile delivery operations, that will disrupt e-commerce as we know today.