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    Darko Dujič

    Conference opening

    Darko Dujič, WeTeh
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    Generative AI – short term hype or lasting impact on digital commerce

    Dirk Cohausz, BCG X
    Lecture details

    ChatGPT has captured the interest of the broader community not at last the world of digital commerce. Looking beyond the hype with collective imagination will surface interesting ideas, opportunities, and questions around generative AI. It democratizes AI access and adoption for businesses and their customers. With all the tech talk and AI buzz, humans aren’t going anywhere. Will it change them and their behaviors? Will they become more careful seekers of truth in a world in which AI is designed to persuade or will they put themselves in full dependence? Businesses need to prepare for these changes and times of ambiguity and need to adapt to generative AI world.

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    Build brand and sell more via customer reviews – all you need to know to build your brand and sell more on-line & off-line thanks to authentic ratings and reviews

    Tomasz Kepa, Spolehlive recenze
    Lecture details

    Tomasz will speak about the following:
    – Reviews as a social proof – why you should start collecting reviews
    – How to use reviews and ratings in your customer’s journey
    – The strategy of getting reviews
    – How and where best show your reviews
    – Publishing reviews on Google
    – Reviews a great tool that can help you with expansion to other markets ”

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    Sustainable ecommerce growth strategies

    Melisa Cakir Suskun, Segmentify
    Lecture details

    Melisa will explain what is the growth approach in eCommerce, the overview of eCommerce KPI’s, growth strategies, strategic & tactical approach and how it is implemented in Segmentify’s unique “growth-centric” management.

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    When entertainment, automation and conversation meet the opportunity

    Jerko Grom, Meta
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    Businesses are looking for ways to overcome economic uncertainty, from helping people discover their brand through entertainment to improving marketing efficiencies with the power of AI and automation and seizing the potential of business messaging tools that drive action. Few get it right, but there are ways to avoid the pitfalls and shorten the learning curve that leads to success.

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    From Browsing to Buying: How AI-Driven Product Recommendations Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates

    Valentina Đorđević, Things Solver
    Lecture details

    In recent years, e-commerce has revolutionised the way we shop. With just a few clicks, we can buy almost anything online and deliver it right to our doorstep. However, with the vast amount of online products, it can be overwhelming for customers to find exactly what they want. This is where AI-driven product recommendations come in. By analysing customer data and behaviour, these recommendations can suggest products that are tailored to each individual’s preferences, making the online shopping experience more personalised and efficient. Not only does this improve the customer experience, but it also significantly impacts e-commerce conversion rates, as customers are more likely to make a purchase when they are presented with products that match their interests. This topic will explore how AI-driven product recommendations transform the e-commerce industry and improve conversion rates from browsing to buying.

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    MEASA region opportunites

    Andrej Vizjak, AV.Consulting
    Lecture details

    The presentation will cover the market potential of MEASA, an introduction to the leading digital commerce companies in MEASA as well as the vision of Dubai to be(come) the leding digital commerce hub for this region. MEASA stands for Middle East (ME), Africa (A) and South Asia (SA), which includes 3.5 billion people. The penetration of digital commerce is much smaller in this region than in other parts of the world, which makes the market very attractive for new-comers.
    Beside Amazon and Ebay this region is still dominated by local digital commerce companies, which also is an opportunity for other international champions to enter the market. Dubai has recently invsted 1 billion USD in Commercity, which offers logistics and consulting infrastructure to such new entrants.

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    Conversational sales – From customer support to relationship building

    Why today is a good time to equip your online store for conversational marketing

    Matjaž Možina, 2Mobile
    Lecture details

    Conversational marketing, which is based on the use of chat tools, has become the hottest trend in e-commerce with the advent of ChatGPT and the rapid expansion of the applied use of artificial intelligence. Conversational marketing allows your consumers to interact with your business through messaging platforms, using chatbots or so-called virtual assistants. This form of business is becoming more and more popular, especially since conversational artificial intelligence already allows a virtual assistant to help sometimes even more effectively than a human agent. One of the key benefits of conversational commerce is that it enables businesses to provide 24/7 customer support services, which can greatly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, it helps retailers increase sales as customers are more likely to make a purchase when they can get answers to their questions quickly and easily. With advances in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), chatbots can increasingly understand your customers’ needs and respond to them in a more human-like way.

    Where is conversational marketing developing in practice and what role does artificial intelligence play in this? How can it help retailers create new added value? How can merchants engage and build relationships with their customers through chat tools? These questions will be answered by Matjaž Možina, director of the company 2Mobile, which specializes in conversational business and building smart conversational bots.

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    CEFTA region opportunites

    Nina Angelovska, Ananas
    Lecture details

    “The CEFTA market means new opportunities for expansion and growth of local businesses that offer their products and services online. Each CEFTA country represents a small market itself. An integrated market of 18 million people and an estimated 1 billion euros in e-commerce is not only more competitive to attract foreign investors but will enable local companies to expand and grow!

    However, there is a long way to go so we can start seeing CEFTA as one integrated market. In this talk you will find out – How frequent is the practice of geo-blocking in CEFTA? What is blocking cross-border e-commerce? What are the main challenges that local e-sellers are facing and what are their views?

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    How to achieve results with strategic ecommerce growth models

    Rok Hrastnik, Guericom
    Lecture details

    The biggest ecommerce winners don’t become “big” because they’re the best at online advertising, email marketing, conversion optimization, logistics, or because they’re always looking for new magic wands for growth. Their foundation for success lies in thoughtful growth models based on in-depth knowledge of the economics of business and growth.

    Rok will reveal 3 strategic foundations that can lead you to unprecedented growth:
    1. 5 fundamental financial models for ecommerce growth
    2. Dictatorial focus in the first phase of “hockey stick” growth
    3. Strategic growth model in the first stage of maturity

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    Round table: Openly about the opportunities and dangers of the development of cross-border commerce

    Moderator: Jure Knehtl, WeScale Brands
    Guests: Rok Hrastnik, Guericom and Gregor Koprivnik, ESG Studios Ltd
    Lecture details

    What if Slovenia is too small for the massive success of a digital store? Recently, we have seen many successful stories of Slovenian online retailers who effectively penetrated abroad and thus achieved dizzying sales figures in a very short period of time. We’ll take a look behind the scenes and talk about effective practices that online retailers are using today. The participants in the round table will share their valuable experiences of entering new markets. These experiences have accelerated the growth of companies with more than 10 million euros in annual sales. What are the opportunities? How to enter foreign markets and where to go in the future? Where are the dangers? What are the most effective strategies?

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    Buying from the couch… but this time for real

    Denis Oštir, Hisense Vidaa Europe
    Lecture details

    Smart TVs are getting really smart today. That is why, they are opening up more and more opportunities for access to final customers. And if ads have already become a fixture on online streaming services, they’re not the only way that brands and businesses can directly access the users in the comfort of their living rooms. When will “shoppable” content get on big screens? What does this mean for brands and retailers? Who are the real players with data in the comfort of the chairs in the middle of the living rooms?

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    Useful e-commerce data in Google Analytics 4

    Robert Petković, ProMedia Group
    Lecture details

    Google Analytics Universal will stop collecting data on June 1st 2023 and that leaves us only 100 days to prepare ourselves to new UX with lots of new metrics that can explain customers’ behavior even before the purchase. Google Analytics 4 brings some new reports, but most e-commerce owners didn’t use the full potential of “old” reports yet. In this lecture, Robert will show how less focus on pure sales metrics can give us more details on how our products fit customers’ needs and desires, what our customers expect from us and even which products to put into (bricks and mortar) store window. All by using data from Google Analytics 4 with a pinch of reporting salt and pure analytical magic.

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    How to increase the profitability of the online store with the help of the user experience

    Sebastian Žetko, Creatim
    Lecture details

    The user experience is a popular buzzword in the field of design or the development of digital solutions, but in practice it often falls short of its potential. Sebastian will demonstrate how we can achieve measurable results through agile approaches in design, which are then reflected in the company’s higher profitability, which is ultimately demonstrated by both international (source: McKinsey) and local (source: KCDM) research.

    He will talk about how in Creatim, they are creating added value through the design or planing the user experience in a concrete case of online trade, while providing some concrete starting points for how online store owners can increase their profitability.

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